Dr. Justin A. Felsman, often referred to by his patients as “Dr. J” is a dedicated chiropractor who believes that the body has the inherent wisdom to heal. He facilities the healing of the source, not just treating the symptoms. Dr. J firmly believes that health is by choice not by chance and that it is our own responsibility to seek out those choices that are going to best enable us to be well.

Dr. Felsman loves spending time with his family, friends, and his two dogs. Dr. Felsman believes that everything with a spine and nervous system deserves chiropractic care.
Dr. Felsman specialized in soft tissue techniqes like A.R.T., Graston and also took Diversified,Gonstead, and Activator. He also incorporates Thompson and Flexion/Distraction in his adjusting protocols. He continues to strive to educate himself and share this knowledge with his patients.

Dr. Felsman believes in educating people about integrative health and wellness. He conducts regularly scheduled classes on health and nutrition explaining what true health is and how the body can be supported nutritionally, physically and emotionally.

Dr. J's got your back!

From The Desk Of Doctor J

“I am so excited to be able to offer regenerative services to you.

The reason I really wanted to be able to offer this for you is that we have been getting really great results getting you out of pain, stopping or slowing down the arthritic process, and getting you back to doing the things you want to be able to do BUT I could not “reverse” the damage done. I could only prevent it from getting worse, which can be frustrating for you and frustrating for me because I want to help people live a long healthy life !

So I started looking into regenerative services to see what could be done to reverse your arthritic back or knee for example. To often a surgeon will tell you surgery is your best option BUT you have to wait until it gets so bad we have to cut your knee (example) and put in an artificial knee replacement.

I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like a good option because I don’t want to get cut on… Also best case scenario is there are no complications, no infections and the artificial knee goes in the way it is supposed to then that artificial knee will last you 10 years best case scenario and then they have to replace it by cutting out more of your leg again best case scenario no infection or complications and 10 years max.

So again, for example, you are 45 years old and have had 2 knee replacements and everything went perfectly now you are 65 and they are threating to cut your entire leg off because they can not do a 3rd replacement…Again not sure about you, but no thank you!

Option 2 is they prescribe you pain medications that make you feel really “off” and are highly addictive and have led to the opioid epidemic in which thousands of lives have been ruined and or people have over dosed on prescription or their street drugs heroin .

The option 3 that we offer here is utilizing the best parts of your blood via a technology called PRP or platelet rich plasma and another regenerative product called HCTP or human cellular tissue products you may have heard of them by their more common name stem cells. What we have found is by utilizing these to combination services along with rehab exercises it allows the body to heal itself and repair and to some extent over time reverse and repair the damage that has occurred in the joint space for example of the knee over time!

Dr. J still has your back but also has the best options for your knees, hips, shoulders, wrist, ankles and toes.

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